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Products - Equipment - Jumbo MK3 Static Adaptor

Jumbo MK3 Static Adaptor

Price: R 30,000.00 incl.

Price: R 26,315.79 excl.


Converts an egg-laying Jumbo MK3 brick-maker into a static machine producing units onto pallets instead.

The Jumbo Mk3 static adaptor simulates a ground surface & instead of the brick machine resting on wheels, it is placed onto the static adaptor. With a static adaptor, you will also have the option of adding a second vibrator motor to the pallet tray for added ventral vibration. This is recommended for paver moulds.

For the Jumbo MK3, because of the output per drop, it must be noted that each board can be extremely heavy (80kg+) and two workers assigned to the task should alternate with other brickyard attendants.

With a static adaptor, it could be beneficial to obtain a roller-conveyor (browse the equipment) but is not a requirement.