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Quick Mix

Price: R 35.00 incl.

Price: R 30.70 excl.


quick mix
cobble stone


Dilute Mixture by taking the raw Quick Mix liquid in the provided container & mix it as follows:

  • 1:600 - 1 litre Quick Mix concentrate to 600 litres water


  1. Higher compressive strength
  2. Easier mould release
  3. Reduces wear of mould & mixer
  4. Better texture & product appearance
  5. Decreases water absorption
  6. Assists oxides to distribute evenly
  7. Assists in preventing pitting of product
  8. Puts a little more life into poor sand
  9. Earlier handling time due to increased strength
  10. Cement can be reduced by trial & error to large savings in cement

This seems almost too good to be true, so make sure you order quick mix right away to make YOUR mind up about the amazing results!


cobble stone