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Price: R 75,000.00 incl.

Price: R 65,789.47 excl.

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This code is for the Doubell Hyperstat static brick machine. After the Jumbo MK2 & MK3 were introduced, there was a demand for stationary machinery that employed a similar ease-of-use that Doubell was famous for.

The first model was developed using the successful redesign of the Jumbo range. Currently, it is also at its 3rd revision for improved usability. It is perfectly complimented with a Doubell 200L Panmixer.

brick making machine by Doubell Brick Machines - Hyperstat

The modern Doubell Hyperstat is a good machine for paving bricks, but will also provide other high quality concrete products. The noteworthy features of this machine range include:

  • Dual-access bin for two workers to fill & level the mould
  • Interchangeable moulds for more product offering to customers
  • Stationary position means panmixer can be placed adjacent, eliminating the need for tip barrows
  • Two motors - One place on the stamper & one place under the mould box on the pallet tray

These TWO electrical vibrator motors are sealed against the weather & dusty environment to eliminate faults & downtime as far as possible.

The vibration allows for the brick to be compacted quicker than using the manual setting (repeated dropping of stamper). It also makes the block compacts more uniformly throughout.

If you are making paving bricks, this model is recommended for a smoother finish & stronger brick.

The vibrator fitting is electrically certified by a qualified electrician is tested thoroughly before shipment.

Locknuts prevent bolts loosening during vibration. 

This code is for a 3-PHASE ELECTRICAL HYPERSTAT brick machine. It includes:

  • 1x 3-Phase Electrical Vibrator Kit (Push button, 2x Vibrator Motors, Overload & Contactor, Certified wiring, Weather-proof housing)
  • 1x Mix Chute
  • 1x 2m Roller Conveyor
  • 1x Toolbox of common spares
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Instruction manual + Brick-making guides

The brick moulds vary in price & sizing - please choose a mould to add to your order.